Update On What We Have Been Learning

We began by thinking about the elements of composition: what to include and exclude from the frame. We reviewed perspective and the ways angle and focus will change a photos meaning and impact. Students learned about the role of aperture and began shooting in aperture priority mode, producing some beautiful photos with great bokeh. We explored the role of shutter speed and students practiced their techniques on water in a fountain and moving vehicles. We talked about the rule of thirds in an image (most instinctively knew about this) and the search for patterns in a photograph. We spent additional time on lighting and the direction of the sun (or any lighting) and how this impacts a photo. Especially knowing when to come back for a photo when the lighting is not right. The students have worked with two different professional photographers (one in Brazil and one in Argentina) with very different styles and I think they are gaining a lot from these different perspectives. Student have begun working with prime lenses and exploring how things like a wide-angle lens or macro-lens can open up new possibilities in photography. Finally, the students experienced their first critique and their work was all excellent!