A Day At The Ranch

We boarded our bus to spend the day at our guide, Mariela’s dad’s ranch two hours from Buenos Aires. It was an authentic experience from start to finish. Asado, Argentinian barbeque, which was wood smoked for hours by Gustavo was served. A few stalwart members of the group tried the blood sausage, a favorite in Argentina. Flan was our dessert and the food began and ended with pastries. During our dessert we were serenaded by a musician playing the guitar and singing Argentinian folk songs. The food was amazing and seemingly never ending!

We all participated in the drinking of mate. Mate is an herbal tea which is served in a hollow gourd and is drunk with a metal straw. It is a shared drink with family and friends.

Some of the highlights were Rene running with the sheep, a tractor ride to see the cows and their babies and the bulls. Lots of pictures of Kendall, Meredith, David, Nate, and Alex on top of or jumping off of hay. There were also dogs, horses, geese, bee hives and chickens on a 200 year old ranch.

We also managed a lesson from Estefan about how photographing people and we used a very gracious Gustovo as our model.

We all feel a bit more Argentinian this evening.